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What To Do If You Have Owned Your Land For Years And Have Done Nothing With It?

Are you tired of having land you neither use nor want and it only causes you stress? Or sick of paying taxes for land you have no plans with? At EastCo Properties, we help landowners who don’t want or need their land to sell it for the highest amount without fees, commissions, stress, or hassles with realtors in the shortest time possible.

We have helped many landowners to get rid of their land and paid all of them the fair amount. You can be the next one. We’re here so you don’t have to go through the trial and error way, which would cost you months or even years of your time, hundreds or even thousands of dollars in various fees and expenses, and a lot of regret at the end if you’re still stuck with unwanted land.

Why You Don’t Need To Pay Anything To Sell Your Unwanted Land In No Time

If you’re like most landowners who want to sell unused land, you know how frustrating and stressful it is trying to sell it, even more, when you don’t know what’s the best thing to do. Do you want to make selling your land as easy and smooth as possible?

Selling your unwanted land can be much easier than you think because our top priority is service and helping you solve the issues that might get in the way of selling. We will be your guide throughout the process, and we’ll keep in close contact with you. You’ll be working with people who know how to do the job and closed to get you your deserved price.

That’s the key because most landowners don’t know the path to take – and that’s why they’re unfortunately doomed to fail. They’ll either get much less money that’s far away from “fair,” they’ll pay huge fees, or call some agent, and the selling process will take forever because agents don’t really like selling land – especially land that has issues.

You will not experience ANY of this. But a complete opposite. When you work with us, you will save time, you will not pay any fees.

Does Your Land Have
A Future? Check These
5 Critical Warning Signs

Since you’re here, you probably already have an answer to this question, but if you’re still not 100% sure, let us help you decide by pointing out 5 critical points proving that your land will only eat away at your money

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3 Costly Mistakes You Are Not Aware Of When
Selling Your Land

Sadly, 90% of landowners, when trying to sell their unwanted land, fail big time. It’s not their fault. They’re just
not aware they’re making one or more of these 3 critical costly mistakes:
Trying to do everything yourself
You can list it by yourself without a doubt, but what’s the best place? How much time is it going to take until someone makes an offer? What if nobody is interested? Are you okay with waiting another year or two or even more?

Calling a real estate agent for help

The problem here is that they don’t want to deal with land because they want the highest commission. Why pay someone when you can use a completely free solution that’ll sell your land?

Choosing the wrong company to work with

There are a lot of companies out there that can take advantage of your situation; they benefit themselves more than you. You’ll either pay some fees or get less money than you deserve.

The last point probably woke up another question: Are we the right people to work with? The best way to
figure that out is to discover how much you can get for your unwanted land and how we can help deal with any
issues that others would walk away from.

The Truth About Working With Us Nobody Wants You To Read

We are doing all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to stress yourself over this ever again. With our help, you’ll get rid of the land that may cause financial hardships or may have other issues that you don’t know where to start with, like title issues or probates.

You will have the money in your pocket soon, and you won’t go through any hassle of trying to sell it yourselves or let it sit on the market for many months/years. We are patient with the process and determined to help in any deal possible to ensure you can get it done and resolve any issues you have once and for all.

You can depend on us because we’ll go above and beyond to make you satisfied and happy as we did with all the previous landowners.

Why do landowners appreciate
working with us?

Bonus One

FREE Ultimate Land Selling Checklists For Problem Land (Worth $200)

Our goal is to give you as much as possible so you can make the best decision. That’s why we’re giving you our FREE how to guide on handling land issues (and how we can help!
Why do landowners appreciate working with us?

Bonus Two

FREE Mobile Notary To Your Door (Worth $300)

You really don’t have to do any work because we’ll handle everything. We’ll even send you a mobile notary for FREE to complete the transaction, or we can complete with mail away or at the title company – the choice is yours but you don’t have to leave your home. We’ll also cover their $300 bill for you. Everything will happen from the comfort of your home, if that’s how you prefer to close. That’s how smooth and easy it is.

We are giving you what others would charge for. That’s why landowners love to work with us because we’ll give you all the information and then you can decide.

Our 4 Core Values Mean You Get The Best
Service and Integrity

Hard work

The first thing we guarantee is that we always go above and beyond, so you have the money in your pocket in the shortest time possible.

All is covered

Not only do we cover 100% of the closing cost, but we handle everything from start to finish.

No more stress for you.

We don’t give up

If there are issues with the title, we work with the title company/attorney to resolve any issues.

If we can’t resolve it without you, we work hand in hand with you until we resolve it together.

Easy For You

We want to make things easy for you. Closings can be scheduled at the closing agent’s office or handled remotely. We handle all the leg work and make it a simple and easy process for you.

What Our Clients Have To Say
About Us?

Read Some Of Our Best Success

Success story 1:

Two sisters inherited land. Their father had purchased it many years ago with a friend but later wanted to own 100% of it. That’s why he made a deal with this friend for his interest in the land so he can own 100%, but unfortunately, nothing was recorded to show this.
The daughter and her sister thought they owned 100% through their inheritance, but the reality was different. This came up during the title search, and title insurance wouldn’t give a commitment for coverage, and the title company wasn’t comfortable with completing the closing.

We found them another attorney that solved this issue with two options for them:

  • 1. Sell by Quit Claim (meaning they can only sell the interest they own).
  • 2. Move forward with a Quiet Title Action and possibly sell when this is finalized.

All parties involved ended up very happy with the end result, where they got their money and had the problem taken care of.

Success story 2:

Our client had land he wanted to sell to us because he needed money. It was a tract that was originally a part of a larger tract, but he sold off 1.5 acres two years prior.

We found out that the attorney who did his previous closing actually sold the entire tract according to the deed during our title search. We needed to solve this issue.

We had to go back to the attorney who did the previous closing. They corrected this mistake and recorded the correct deed. The client was happy because he finally could sell his unwanted land to us.

Success story 3:

Another client wanted to sell us his land, but it ended up in his daughter’s name because of a divorce. According to state law, his daughter was a minor, and her mother can’t sell the land without documentation. Their daughter also cannot make that decision until she is 18 years old.

Are we going to solve it, or will he wait until she’s 18 years old? The land was purchased and belongs to her mother now because she agreed. However, she can’t sell it either. We helped her navigate this issue through the Guardian Ad Litem program, and assisted to liaise between everyone for a smooth resolution.

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